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Job Openings

Learning Behavior Specialist

A core premise of the Prison University Project's mission is that education should be accessible to all; and it is therefore the job of educators to provide education in a manner accessible to students with diverse learning styles. We also believe that all students benefit not just from learning, but from learning about learning, so that they can engage actively in their own education and advocate for their own learning, without running into frustration and self-doubt.

As part of the Prison University Project’s commitment to supporting students across a broad range of academic, emotional, and psychological challenges, we are now seeking a Learning Behavior Specialist to join our team. The goal of this position is to boost our capacity to recognize learning differences and other barriers to success that our students may face; to devise effective strategies for supporting students and instructors in overcoming these barriers; and to increase awareness about the field of learning differences throughout the program, as well as among other practitioners in the field of higher education in prison.

This is a new position, currently funded for three years, with the strong possibility of renewal. It is a full-time position (40 hours/week, non-exempt) under the supervision of the Academic Program Director. The ability to work some evenings and weekends is required.

More information can be found here.

Workshop Facilitator

In the fall semester of 2018, the Prison University Project will run a one-semester-long workshop on Philanthropy and Criminal Justice Reform. The workshop will meet twice weekly for 13 weeks, starting in the first week of September and culminating in student presentations of research papers in mid-December. The facilitator of the workshop will contribute to course planning, teach the course, and facilitate a series of guest lecturers from people working in the field, as well as guiding students in writing final research papers to present.

More information can be found here.