Prison University Project founds Mount Tamalpais College at San Quentin State Prison

Mount Tamalpais College will demonstrate the power and potential of inclusivity in higher education—a world-class, open-admissions college located inside a state prison.

Mount Tamalpais College will continue to offer an on-site Liberal Arts degree program dedicated specifically to incarcerated students.

Mount Tamalpais College will remain dedicated to expanding access to higher education for incarcerated students throughout California and across the United States through technical assistance training and rigorous, data-driven research.

The establishment of Mount Tamalpais College sends a powerful statement of commitment to our students as people, intellectuals, and citizens.

Mount Tamalpais College has been nearly 25 years in the making. Our success in reaching this milestone is a direct result of the extraordinary dedication of our students, staff, faculty, board, and community members.

Mount Tamalpais is the most visible geographic feature that is accessible from both inside and outside of San Quentin; it is thus something significant that the inside and outside communities share.


Throughout this year, we will continue to build infrastructure for Mount Tamalpais College—establishing an independent student information system, creating rigorous standards for institutional research and assessment, increasing access to information technology including library services, and providing robust alumni support services.