The Prison University Project is committed to advocating for the continued success of its students, working with institutions to support rehabilitative programming, and spearheading the conversation around national prison reform. We strive to create change through the following:

• Promoting access to quality education inside prisons

• Humanizing the image of incarcerated people in the public imagination

• Advocating for a transformed criminal justice system

• Developing leaders in the incarcerated community


Prison Education Programs, nationally

The criminal justice reform movement is gaining more traction than ever. Prison higher education programs continue to demonstrate the possibility and tremendous promise of meeting the needs of students who have been left behind. Still, the need for more programs persists. In California, at any given time, approximately 135,000 people are incarcerated in 35 state prisons, the vast majority of whom lack access to quality higher education.

The field of prison higher education is being presented with an extraordinary opportunity to broaden its reach and impact, both across California and nationally. The Prison University Project aims to be a model for this work, as well as to highlight the important work of others in the field, including the following:

Student Success

The Prison University Project is committed to supporting students’ academic and professional development, as well as their capacity to assume leadership roles in their communities post-release. By providing pre-and post-release advising, mentorship, and networking support, we prepare students to become thought leaders and change agents in the fields that matter most to them. The organizations listed below are peers in this effort, and offer additional resources for student success.